{Tips to Prepare for Family Photos}

The most common question I hear when it comes to preparing for family photos is "What in the world do we wear?!". Have no fear! I have put together a handy list of easy tips on dressing for family photos.

  • Plan ahead - Don't wait until the last minute to throw outfits on yourself and the rest of the family. You won't feel good about it and will likely end up with wrinkled clothes that don't coordinate at all.
  • Coordinate - You don't want everyone matching. Nobody has their own unique look! You do want to coordinate. I suggest picking a few complimentary colors and sticking to that. 
  • I always, always, always say that neutrals or muted colors look best in photos.Using these colors keep you as the focal point. They are the most pleasing to the eye and create a bright, airy looking image.
  • Don' t Wear Logos/Graphics/Bold patterns - This will make everything look way too busy and you will get lost in the background of your clothes. We want you to be the focus.
  • Don't Over Accessorize - It's totally fine to accessorize, but don't overdo it and put on every piece of jewelry and scarf you own. Again, this will take focus away from you and onto what you are wearing. 
  • Timeless not Trendy- You want these pictures to have a classic feel you will look back on for years to come and still love. Try to avoid super trendy looks that will date your images {annyone remember 
  • Be Comfortable!!! - These tips are my personal opinion based on my experience as a photographer. The most important thing is that you be comfortable in whatever it is you're wearing! If you aren't comfortable, it will show in your images. Wear whatever makes you feel your best!

The Second most commonly asked question is "How do I make sure my kids behave?".  Let's just all agree that kids are unpredictable {duh}. The best thing you can do as a parent is to make it fun and to try to stay as relaxed as possible yourself. Kids sense when you are tense or nervous and they feed off of it. Turn it into a game of some sort {peek a boo with the photographer, etc).  Having a surprise of some sort that they get at the end is always helpful, too if you are up for a little bribery {your call parents, but it works 99% of the time in my experience}. Have fun, be silly and most importantly, just be yourselves! That is what you want to remember when you look back at these photos in a few years!

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